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Australian National University

PhD Supervision

Semester-Length Courses

COMP2310/6310: Systems, Networks, and Concurrency (Lecturer) Semester 2, 2021.

COMP1110/6710: Structured Programming (Lecturer) Semester 1, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

COMP1110/6710: Structured Programming (Assistant Lecturer) Semester 2, 2017-2020.

COMP6700/COMP2140: Introductory Programming in Java (Lecturer) Semester 1, 2017.

COMP4300/COMP6430: Parallel Systems (Lecturer/Tutor) Semester 1, 2013.

COMP2310/COMP6310: Concurrent and Distributed Systems (Tutor) Semester 2, 2012.

Short Courses

Shared Memory High-Performance Computing Workshop, 10-14 February 2020.

Accelerator Programming for High-Performance Computing Workshop, 8-12 April and 29 April-3 May 2019.

Partitioned Global Address Space Programming in Chapel (part of the Distributed Memory High-Performance Computing Workshop), 3 November 2017.

Student Research Projects

Architecture-Independent Workload Characterization to Identify Inconsistencies in Cross-Language Benchmarks (with Benjamin Gray) Semester 1, 2021.

Chapel on Accelerators (with Rahul Ghangas) Semester 1, 2020 (with Allie Zhou) Semester 2, 2020.

Guiding Device Specific Optimization using Architecture-Independent Metrics (with Aditya Chilukuri) Semester 2, 2019.

Using Synthetic Benchmarks to Improve OpenCL Performance Prediction (with Tommy Liu) Semester 2, 2019.

Monte Carlo Simulation in Julia (with Ayush Patnaik) Semester 1, 2018.

Array Channels in Julia (with Rohan McLure) Semester 1, 2018.

Analyzing Performance of Deep Learning Workloads on FPGAs (with Wei Wang) Semester 1, 2019.

Parallel Computing in the Julia Language Using the Intel Parallel Research Kernels (with Rohan McLure) Semester 2, 2018.

Evaluating Performance of the Chapel Language for High-Performance Computing (with Zixian Cai) Semester 1, 2018.

Implementing Mathematical Functions in a Unum Library (with Sidong Feng) Semester 1, 2018.

Designing Hardware Circuits for Unum Arithmetic (with Shouxu Lin) Semester 1, 2018.

Code Coverage for High Productivity Languages (with Zhan Yuan Hiu) Semester 2, 2013.